Our Mission

Every day, strategists and consultants break out the thesaurus to convince clients why their advice is best. That is a great way to prove how smart they are, and a terrible way to make the client better understand the world around them.

Sarissa Partners takes a different approach for the leaders from all fields of excellence who seek our strategy. We tell you what to say. We tell you when to say it. We tell you who to say it to.

And we have the data to back it up.

The Sarissa

Born in 356 B.C., Alexander the Great ascended to the throne of Macedonia at the age of 18. Within 8 years, he had defeated the mighty Persian empire with a patient strategy that gave his campaign its best chance at success.

Early in his career, Alexander developed a weapon that would change warfare. The sarissa was a long spear, nearly 20 feet high by some accounts. Warriors would hold it with two hands to provide maximum effectiveness. But, this new fighting stance left them vunerable to counterattacks without the ability to hold their own shields. Alexander adapted, creating a new formation to protect the sarissa-wielding warriors who would lead him to world domination.

Alexander learned the lessons that we impart to our clients every day. Even the greatest weapon can be a strategic risk if managed poorly. Sarissa Partners exists to make sure your best asset can never be used against you... so you can take over your world.


Sarissa Partners works with companies and leaders who are (or soon will be) at the pinnacle of their industry. Conversations with leaders provide the constant sharing of ideas that sharpens our insights. Given the special nature of what we do, not all of those conversations will result in a client engagement.

If you or your company fit that leadership mold, we are happy to start a conversation.